Are You Worried About A Cheating Partner or Spouse?

No matter how good your relationship is there are times when you suspect your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or spouse of cheating.

We are a private investigations service dedicated to providing you with the truth. The truth about where your partner is really going, what they are really saying and ultimately, what they are really up to. We know what you’re going through, beacuse we have been there ourselves.

This site is dedicated to allowing you to identify the sign of an affair and how to catch a cheating wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and partner or spouse quickly and discreetly.

We also aim to help explain the best techniques to catch cheating partners and explain the terminology you will come across.

The site gives you answer to questions like:

  1. How can I tell if my wife or girlfriend is cheating?…[more]
  2. How can I tell if my husband or boyfriend is cheating?…[more]
  3. How do I prove my partner is cheating?…[more]
  4. How can I track a person?…[more]
  5. How can I record what they are saying?[more]
  6. How can I record what they are doing on their PC?…[more]
  7. What is a private detective?…[more]
  8. What is the difference between a private detective and a private investigator?…[more]
  9. What is meant by “vehicle tracking”?…[more]
  10. What is meant by “PC monitoring”?…[more]
  11. What is meant by a “listening device” or “bug”?…[more]
signs partner might be having an affair

The Worst Thing Is Not Knowing!!!

Once you have a suspicion the worst thing is not knowing. Thoughts like “Are they being unfaithful?”, “Is it me imagining things?”, “Who are they having an affair with?”, “What are the signs of cheating?”, “How do I catch them cheating?”
run through your head make you feel stressed; you can not concentrate on anything else, and you can not sleep at night.

Find Out The Answers Quickly

The good news is that we have the answers to all your questions. With 5 minutes of reading thorough this site you will get all the answers.

Examples of the questions you will get answer to are:


  1. What are the signs to look for to confirm my suspisions that my wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or partner is cheating?
  2. If I think they are cheating what do I do next to prove my suspisions?
  3. How do I discreetly confirm my suspicions about my partner without them finding out?


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What are the signs to look for to confirm my suspisions that my husband, boyfriend or male spouse or partner is cheating?

What are the signs to look for to confirm my suspisions that my wife, girlfriend or female spouse or partner is cheating?

I know they are cheating. How do I prove it?

Is you partner or spouse cheating? Do you think they are being unfaithful?

Do you know that 78% of suspisions are unfounded.

Let us take the stress and worry away and find out the truth for you.

The first step is to find out whether your suspicions
are founded.

keep an eye on your partner or spouse

78% of suspicion is unfounded. Let us help put your fears to rest – quickly and without anyone knowing…
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