Prove they are Cheating

How To Prove That Your Partner Is Being Faithful or Unfaithful

Having suspicions about your partner or spouse is never good. It can keep you awake night after night. The questions you ask yourself are “Is my partner or spouse cheating?”, “How do I know they are cheating?”, and “What do I need to do to prove they are cheating?”, “How do I make sure I am not caught find out about their affair?”, “What evidence do I need?”. The worst thing is not knowing!

We have created a process that allows you find out for certain whether or not they are cheating without risking your relationship.

Remember there maybe an innocent explanation for your partners change and the worst thing would be found investigation them and loose their trust.

The best process to catch a wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, and spouse or partner cheating or to prove their innocence is to:

  1. Find out where they are going
  2. Find out who they are meeting and what they are saying
  3. Collect evidence to prove they are cheating or their innocence.

This process has proved to work time and again to be able to quickly and discreetly produce the evidence that will answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

1. Find Out Where They Are Going

The first thing to understand is that they may not be cheating. They may be a very innocent explanation to why they are not where you expect them to be. So confronting them could have disastrous results. If they are having an affair they are going to have to meet their lover. If they are cheating they will lie to you about where they are going. So the first step to proving your suspicions is to ask them their movements for the next day and then follow their movements.

It is important that you follow them for a week because in our experience people that are having an affair do not see their lover every day, and many see them only once a week e.g. your partner may say they have to work late or going to the gym ever Tuesday but in fact they are seeing their lover.

You may ask “What if I follow them and I find they are not going where they say they are going. Does this prove they are having an affair? Our answer is no. It shows they are lying but not that they are cheating. We have had cases in the past where a partner was organizing a secret event, such as a surprise party, and this was the reason for lying.

The best thing to do is to now find out what they are saying.

The key is to make sure that it is discreet and covert (making sure you do not get caught), quick and you get value for money.

  1. Surveillance – This is traditional way most perceive people evidence of cheating is collected. It works by having a team of people (usually between 2 to 4 people) that follow somebody everywhere they go, whether on foot in a car or by train or underground.
    The reason you need more than one person is for 2 reasons. First so that the person being followed does not see the same face everywhere they go, and secondly to guarantee that they do not loss the person they are following (e.g. when following someone by car one of the followers would be in a car and the second on a bike so that if the car got caught in traffic the bike could weave through traffic and catch u with the car they were following). This method produces great results but can become expensive. We would recommend this method only if your partner does not drive. For more information or to order surveillance click here or call 0800 334 5440.
  2. Vehicle Tracking – Most people that are having an affair will drive to meet their lover. With the advancements in technology it is now possible to track vehicles covertly from anywhere in the world i.e. without anyone knowing they are being followed. You will have evidence of exactly where they have been, how long they stayed, and the route they took to get there and even the speed they travelled. WE recommend this method to gather evident of where your partner of spouse is going. For more information or to order a vehicle track click here or call 0800 334 5440.

2. Find Out What They Are Saying

Once you have proved that your partner to not going where you expect the next step is to find out what they are saying and to whom.

The two main ways which people having an affair is by phone and email. We have found people having an affair will contact their lover at the first “safe opportunity” they have in a day. So what are these “safe opportunities”?

  • A man or woman that drives alone to work will call once he or she is in the car.
  • A father or mother that drops the children at school will call their lover as they drive back from school.
  • A housewife or househusband will call as soon as the house has emptied in the morning.
  • A man or woman will email their lover at anytime in the day while the “pretend” to work or organising the family holiday in the evening.

The best way to cover all these bases is to put listening devices in your house and car to monitor your partners call and to put software on your home PC to monitor your partner’s emails.

  1. Listening devices – The technology that listening devices use is similar to that you find in your mobile. They allow you to call the device remotely and then listen to the conversations that are occurring near the listening device. They can be hidden anywhere, in a car, a house, etc. and can be disguised as any everyday object. For example they can be disguised as a household power socket or extension lead and they work to supply electrical power so will never be detected as a listening device. For more information or to order listening devices click here or call 0800 334 5440.
  2. PC Monitoring – By loading software onto your PC, which takes seconds to load and once loaded is undetectable by your spouse or partner as it does not appear anywhere on your PC, not as an application or in your file system. Even if a computer engineer used highly sophisticated tool to search your PC they still would not find the monitoring software. The software runs whenever the PC is used and the PC runs as normal. It will record ever action performed on the PC from the emails and letters written to the websites visited.
    It will record any conversations on MSN or similar software. We store the information remotely and report back the information at any time in the format of your choice. The software is very simple to remove and only need a single command and it is gone. For more information or to order PC monitoring software click here or call 0800 334 5440.

3. Get Photographic evidence Of Who They Are Meeting

You now know that they are going place you did not expect and saying things you do not like. The last step is to get photographic evidence.

The best way to do this is to use a private investigators surveillance service. They will be extremely discreet and if you have vehicle tracking and listening devices will be able to create a plan of action to collect all the photographic evidence that you need quickly and cost effectively. For more information or to order a surveillance team click here or call 0800 334 5440.

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