Signs of a Cheating Man

Is Your Husband Cheating? Is Your Boyfriend Cheating?

It is perfectly acceptable to be unsure if your loved one is being faithful. You may feel you see signs your boyfriend is cheating because he become distant and is showing no interest in you or your feelings.

You may think your husband is cheating because he seems to be a lot happier and is suddenly taking more care over his appearance and losing weight.

The good news is that these signs do not necessarily mean your boyfriend or husband is having an affair. There may be another explanation for the change in them. Your boyfriend may be unable to solve a big problem at work or thinking of making a big career change and is stuck thinking about it ALL the time.

Your husband may just be having a small mid-life crisis and trying to recapture some of his youth.

So what signs do mean your boyfriend or husband is cheating? Experts have put together a list of the top 9 signs that do indicate that your boyfriend or husband might be having an affair.

9 Signs your husband or boyfriend is having an affair

  1. He carries condoms, and you are on the pill. Men are always whining about having to use condoms, so you can bet that no man would use one if he doesn’t have to. So, why does he have to? Who is he trying to keep from becoming pregnant, or catch an STD from?
  2. You find unexplained scratches or bruises on his neck or back. It’s very hard to scratch or bruise your own back, and it’s not likely to happen accidentally.
  3. He suddenly wants to try new sex techniques. Who is he practicing for, or who has he been practicing with?
  4. His clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume. True, a department store sales clerk could have sprayed it on him, but how likely is that?
  5. You see lipstick on your husband’s shirt. No wonder men want to get right to it. Foreplay leaves evidence.
  6. He insists the child seat, toys, etc., are kept out of his car. You can’t be cool with a child seat in your car. Besides that, it’s a clue that there might be a child in his life, and, where there’s a child, there’s probably a woman. Definitely, not the image you want to project to the “other woman.”
  7. He works a lot of overtime, but it never shows up on the pay stub. If your husband is a salaried worker, you may have to give him a pass on this. If he’s paid by the hour, though, he may be putting in overtime, but it’s not at his job.
  8. You find unexplained receipts, more frequent cash withdrawals, and unexplained credit card charges. Note any strange dates and times. Is there a restaurant charge when he should have been at work? Cheating can be expensive.
  9. He uses the computer late at night (when you’re already in bed) or for an unusual amount of time. He uses free email services, such as hotmail, msn, yahoo, gmail, hushmail, etc. He quickly closes his web browser when you suddenly walk into the room. Looks like he might be hiding something, doesn’t it?

What Do you Do Next If You Think Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Having An Affair…

The worst thing is not knowing. The fact your have your suspicion but no proof either way can lead to many sleepless night and days filled with anxiety, stress and very depressing images and thoughts about what your wife or girlfriend is doing.

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